Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Weathermen's World View Lives On

DA Candidate Chesa Boudin and his Four Parents’ Terrorist Legacy

(July 20, 2019, in the American Spectator)

by Caleb Stewart Rossiter

We shouldn’t visit the sins of parents on their children. In the Hebrew Bible God does it, to the “third and fourth generation,” but our Constitution rightly forbids “corruption of blood.” When children want to impose their parents’ dangerous views on us, though, the connection becomes relevant.

On November 5 assistant public defender Chesa Boudin hopes to be voted in as San Francisco’s district attorney. Currently a public defender, Boudin has certainly been impressively schooled: Yale undergraduate, Rhodes scholar at Oxford, and Yale Law School. But he seems to have been bizarrely educated on the American legal system.

That’s because Boudin affirms his parents’ and adoptive parents’ self-serving narrative about their participation in two 1970’s terrorist movements, the Weathermen and the Black Liberation Army. That narrative justifies political violence and violence against wealthy people. It seeks to minimize accountability for the impact of crime on victims. And it is driven by white guilt that excuses crimes committed by people of color – even against other people of color.

I became familiar with this narrative while doing research for a novel, published this year, The Weathermen on Trial. Chesa Boudin's background is a dubious foundation for an office that protects public safety. 


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