Friday, September 21, 2018

Roiling our own Ethnic Debate, Trump and Carlson Miss the Mark on South Africa

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Who are these happy gentlemen?  Well, the guy is the middle is one of the highest-ranking U.S. national security officials, National Security Advisor John Bolton.  He is flanked by two officers of AfriForum,  a South African "white rights" group that is allied with a fringe party that descends from the old apartheid regime.

To Bolton's credit, he had no idea who these people were -- they asked him for a group photo when they happened to meet at a think-tank during their U.S. propaganda tour in the spring of 2018.

But Tucker Carlson of Fox News knew darn well who they were.  He invited one of them on to his program to spread their false claims about "white oppression" in South Africa -- which fit nicely with Carlson's narrative of white oppression here in America.

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Carlson's program led to President Trump's first tweet on Africa.  Virtually every word was false.  Please read Caleb Rossiter's full analysis: Trump and Carlson miss the Mark on South Africa

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